Our approach to information security services connects tools, services and suppliers to implement integrated solutions across the entire IT supply chain, building the cyber protection you need!

• Firewall (Next Generation Firewall):

Trained and certified team to elaborate and implement the main market tools, ensuring total security for your structure and the perfect tracking of information, allowing or blocking specific traffic according to a defined set of security rules.

• Cybersecurity Audit:

Our team of engineers and specialists in Cybersecurity, performs a complete audit of its computational structure, in a planned and transparent way, presenting a complete report with all the audited points, showing all the vulnerabilities and the main risks that the business faces. Finally, our tools seek to improve safety strategies and reduce business risks quickly and efficiently.

• Hardening:

Our specialized Hardening service provides restructuring of the IT environment, aiming to reduce the attack surface and the vulnerabilities of the computing environment.

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