Electric Projects

• Electrical Facilities

For the correct dimensioning of the entire electrical installation, it is necessary to prepare an executive project, including blueprints in 2D or 3D. Our team runs all the survey of the infrastructure, circuits, number of sockets and luminaires, emergency lighting, stabilized circuits, etc., preparing a descriptive report of the facilities.

• Load Sizing

An electrical installation must meet the requirements without dropping or short-circuits. Our team runs all the equipment and load surveys for the correct dimensioning of the cabling, as well as circuits and interconnected equipment.

• Electrical Panels

The correct dimensioning and assembly of an electrical panel is essential for any installation. Our team is responsible for running all the surveys, making the technical drawings in 2D or 3D of the electrical panel and a descriptive report of the whole assembly, and deciding the specification of the materials that will be used.

• Lighting

Our projects are prepared with the placement of each luminaire, along with a detailed report of the entire installation and a list of materials with top brands in the market.

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