Eletronic Security

• CCTV (Closed Circuit TV):

Also known as video surveillance, it is monitoring using cameras that transmit images in real time. This system has cameras installed in strategic points, such as areas with high circulation of people or in points with greater vulnerability, thus bringing greater security to its structure.

• Access Control:

Using well combined technologies such as access control allows greater efficiency in the system security. Restricting access to strategic environments in your organization becomes an important and necessary benefit.

• Alarm Centrals:

The alarm central integrates all the management of the security circuit. Consisting of the central, sensors and alarms.

• Fire Detection:

Protecting your work environment and your team is essential. Companies of many different sizes are looking to maximize the security of their environment. We have solutions suitable for all scenarios.

• Perimeter Barrier:

Protection against intruders, the perimeter barrier can inhibit and even prevent unauthorized people from accessing certain locations. Consisting of physical, technological and even psychological barriers.

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