Having a solid documentation and respecting the tax and labor laws, we have extensive experience in serving the Public Administration with numerous projects and services performed, whether through bidding procedures or direct contracts based on the law.

We have been participating in bidding processes for over 20 years without any type of sanction.

Thus, we can support you from the beginning of the process (Terms of Reference), to the bidding process closure.

Reasons to Outsource Professionals and Services

• Increasing efficiency (focus on the main activity);
• Incrementing the product value and the users’ satisfaction.
• Improving performance;
• Acquiring knowledge e technology that are not internally available;
• Enhancing Risk Management;
• Concentration of resources for investing in assets in essential areas;
• Decreasing expenses using the provider’s expertise;
• Making fixed costs into variable costs.

Beltis Carona

A tool that aims to assist the Public Administration that is looking for products or services in a short period of time, without the need of opening a bidding process and making use of the booked and already used prices between BELTIS and another official body. Using the BELTIS CARONA (BELTIS LIFT) the Public Administration can make use of the expenses and deadlines already agreed in other processes, optimizing its closure. CONTACT US!

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