Low and Medium Voltage Installations

• Electrical Panels

With our expertise, your installation can be efficient and safe, following all current market standards and having a professional engineer responsible for the project, from small panels to booths, always under the CREA (board-certified engineers) standards and with the note of technical responsibility.

• Lighting

We have a team specialized in lighting projects in order to provide the most efficient and appropriate installation for each environment, as well as the positioning of emergency lighting, which is essential for any commercial or industrial structure.

• Low Voltage Outlet Circuits

Know-how to survey the load of each equipment and separate them by circuit, according to your needs in order to keep the lines balanced and not overload the installations.

• Feeder Circuit

Our professionals calculate the necessary load, as well as voltage drop to ensure that the feeder wiring that will be installed meets current and future requirements, thus ensuring the safety of the entire electrical installation. With trained engineers and registration at CREA, all calculations are made following the current regulations and our quality standards.

• Physical Infrastructure

Our infrastructure expertise for small offices and large factories helps us integrate the entire solution, delivering the best infrastructure according to each necessity.

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