Optical Solutions

• Optical Fiber:

As the current demand for more speed grows, the data network must support all the services such as streaming and voice over IP, and optical fiber is the best solution to guarantee quality, especially over long distances. The optical fiber provides a higher transmission rate and less attenuation, being the ideal solution for critical environments.


MPO and MTP multi-fiber connectors are generally dedicated to larger structures, such as a Data Centers, because they provide greater space optimization, faster and more reliable data transmission.

• GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network):

GPON networks are passive gigabit networks, which means there is no energized element. This technology provides greater transmission and reception of data through a single fiber.

• FTTH (Fiber to the home):

This technology is also part of the PON (Passive Optical Network) technology and is widely used by internet providers, because it allows the connection to reach the end user from a central point. Also, FTTH allows you to receive services such as telephony, audio, video and television using a fiber optic connection.

• Certification:

Like metallic cabling, the certification of your optical network guarantees that all international standards have been followed and implemented. As well as ensuring that quality materials were used in your project. It guarantees stability, safety, performance and reliability.

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