Protection System Against Atmospheric Discharges

• Project Designing

A PSAAD is essential for every commercial building and industry. To install such solution our team runs an on-site study for effective assessment of the building, to know the number of people and the level of risk. Thus, we deliver the project showing where and how the solution should be installed.

• Inspection

Our approved professionals and equipment can ensure that the system meets the requirements. Finally, with due inspection, we issue a report of the entire installation and possible adjustments and mandatory adjustments.

• Installation

When our professionals carry out the installations of the PSAAD, an electrical engineer tracks the process making sure that the CREA rules are being followed. Hence, guaranteeing the quality of installation and system reliability.

• Maintenance

To ensure the correct functioning of an PSAAD system, besides the correct installation, frequent maintenance is necessary. We can run maintenance tasks for the perfect functioning of the system.

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