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In the midst of automation and artificial intelligence, most companies still spend much of their time on processes that can be automated in a simple and strategic way. Leave the management of your IT infrastructure in good and reliable hands so you can prioritize your business initiatives.

• RDS / VDI:

Availability of remote access to your employees in a safe way, following access rules and permissions.

• Virtualization:

Server virtualization allows you to manage your all of your resources in one place. They provide savings in physical space and simplified maintenance in cases of unavailability as a virtual server can be moved to other hosts (physical servers).

• AD:

The Active Directory provides several features for managing users, groups and computers on your network. From simple rules, such as password policies to even more complex rules, such as integration with DNS servers.

• High Availability:

Decreasing downtime and eliminating points of failure. Keeping your structure up and running is one of the many advantages of high availability. The redundancy of essential services such as: servers, internet links and energy.

• Personalized Projects:

We understand that an existing solution will not always apply to any situation, that is why we offer customized solutions. Several tasks can be automated to increase the productivity of your company, aiming to optimize processes and costs. Security, agility, management, performance and availability for your applications.

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