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In view of the continuous evolution of automated processes and the need to develop solutions and products quickly and in line with customer expectations, Beltis has structured its Software Development area.

Using concepts of Agile Methodology and Business Experience, we train our employees in the use of the most modern development tools and languages, in order to deliver customized solutions to the client, whether in the development of a project or even in the allocation of resources.

Our structure is composed of professionals in continuous training, in addition to having a strong integration with universities and teaching centers, complementing our technical staff with masters and doctors in the areas of technology.

Our experience of over 20 years in resource allocation and project delivery has allowed us to explore and maintain the continuous evolution of our solutions, among which we highlight:

• Website development, focusing on better visualization and correct presentation to users, with current languages ​​that allow flexibility and high performance;
• Development of business platforms (integration of APIs, Desktop and Web Systems): specific and customized software, thinking about the customer's needs;
• App development, for companies that want to be present on all platforms and at all times;
• Customization of existing applications, aiming to improve and update the technology used.

In the development cycle we work with hybrid platforms for mobile channels (IOS and Android) and other platforms, using several languages, among which we highlight:

- Node
- Html, CSS and Javascript
- Java
- Python
- C# / C / C++
- Kotlin / Swift

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