IT Specialists

With specialized service for each type of request, our team can identify and select Experts in many solutions, among them we highlight:

• Development:

Front and Back-End professionals qualified in the most varied levels and programming languages, among which we highlight: Python, Java, PHP, C # / C / C ++, Javascript, Mobile (Kotlin / Swift) and much more;

• Security:

Specialists in building intelligent protections for technological environments, ensuring security and privacy to the most sensitive data of the organization;

• Cloud:

Implementation and management consultants in the main Cloud solutions, no matter which cloud model is used (private, community, public or hybrid);

• Processes:

Experts in structuring processes parameterizing them with all the relevant documentation, aligning the best market practices with your company s internal policy as well;


Specialists for identifying, implementing and managing the processes with full adherence to the General Data Protection Law;

• Infrastructure:

Professionals focused on infrastructure management, logical or physical, whether for expansion, adaptation or support;

• Governance:

IT managers aligned with the Business strategy supported by the best market practices;

• Projects:

Specialists in the designing and management of projects solutions, focused on cost-benefit, these being registered with the official bodies.

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