Structured Cabling


Structured cabling is the best way to standardize your business, because it minimizes costs and maximizes future extensions without wasting time. We have our own team certified by the largest cabling manufacturers, with appropriate tools that follow the market standards, assuring quality and satisfaction.

Main advantages:

⦁ Eases new installations and expansions in the network;
⦁ Converged network infrastructure, carrying various services (data, voice, streaming, video, wifi and security);
⦁ Provides greater agility in maintenance;
⦁ Higher performance and reliability in your network;
⦁ Documented physical infrastructure “as-built”;
⦁ Warranty up to 25 years.


Certifying your network ensures that all international standards have been followed and implemented. As well as ensuring that quality materials were used in your project. It brings stability, safety, performance and reliability.

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